On being ‘accidental’ software developers

We are incredible proud of our software and the tools we create for our clients. We’ve been guiding teams and organisations through the complexities of sustainability and helping them take practical action for over 25 years.

We’ve created leadership programmes for boards and senior teams.

We’ve developed and delivered sustainability training on every continent.

We’ve worked with teams of all shapes and sizes across different sectors.

We’ve used all the sustainability buzzwords (seeing some go out of and then back into fashion).

We’ve taught sustainability and embedded it into curricula.

We’ve worked with staff, students, and a myriad of community stakeholders.

We’ve created sustainability resources and guidance on more topics than we can remember.

And there are only two of us.

The heart of our work is just that. Heart. Humans.

We connect with people to raise awareness, deepen their understanding, and help them do things differently, more sustainably, in their own context.

We’re ‘accidental’ software developers because the software came later. We developed it to help us to help our clients. We embed the breadth and depth of our experience and expertise into every tool we create.

We still need the senior buy-in, training at all levels, to use the right language, a simple way to guide people through sustainability towards practical action. Knowing that the right tools can be transformative, we created our software to help.

If you’re looking for a tool to translate your own organisational ambitions into practical actions, we can probably help. Get in touch today.

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