On creating an evidence-base for engagement

What does ‘successful’ engagement with sustainability really look like?

Is it numbers of people coming along to an event? Is it great feedback for some sustainability training? Is it successfully rolling out a new sustainability initiative?

Does it matter who you are engaging with?

Is it about all staff or key staff? Is it engaging with the ‘keen greens’ or the harder to reach? Is it about supporting sustainability champions or making sustainability everyone’s responsibility?

The truth, of course, is that it is all these things (and many more!). Which means it is challenging (and resource-intensive) to do well.

It is also essential to deliver sustainability ambitions as sustainability is always going to be a collective activity. We need people involved.

Engagement is central to our approach, and we’ve got plenty of experience from doing things the hard way! We also know from talking to teams that it can be a struggle to break away from models of engagement that are resource-intensive or difficult to demonstrate its impact.

Our approach helps in two ways; firstly, by providing a single mechanism for engagement that can recruit to a range of existing activities, quickly amplify your campaigns, and make it clear what you are trying to achieve with your engagement.

To achieve this, we help teams to critically review their engagement activity, undertake a simple gap analysis to consider how their existing engagement opportunities support the delivery of their ambitions and focus their approach using our action planning tool.

Secondly, by creating an evidence base of engagement (and associated activity). This is built into the utilisation of the tool and means teams have evidence they can use to target, deepen, and report on both engagement and the sustainability activity it has stimulated.

Find out more about the NETpositive approach here.

If you’re looking for a way to support and encourage your stakeholders to deliver sustainability ambitions, we might be able to help. Get in touch today.

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