The NETpositive Capital Projects Software

Glasgow Caledonian University has been using our NETpositive Software to help it demonstrate how its ‘Heart of the Campus’ redevelopment supports its mission ‘For the Common Good’. Contractors have been updating their Action Plans as the project has progressed and as part of the contract management processes. They are due to report on their progress shortly.

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The NETpositive Software enables a Provider a way of offering their contractors and related suppliers an opportunity to generate their own, bespoke Sustainability Action Plan. We work with Providers to ensure content is specific to their particular Capital Project.

The Provider Organisation is able to interrogate the data that is generated to understand how their contractors and suppliers are making progress in relation to sustainability and can use the Action Plans they develop to provide a clear and measurable focus for contract management discussions.

Importantly, the evidence gathered from the Tool can help demonstrate the social value and social impact of the project which can then be communicated internally and externally.

We work with a Provider to:

  • create content that relates specifically to their specific Capital Project
  • plan a roll-out that engages as many contractors and suppliers as possible
  • communicate the value of the tool to their contractors and suppliers
  • ensure they can appropriately support their suppliers along the way
  • ensure they have access to data they can use during contract management
  • support them to report the sustainable social value of their Capital Project

An End User can:

  • create a log-in to access the tool created for them
  • use the tool content to auto generate a Sustainability Action plan for their business – for free!
  • use the plan to map their current activity and develop strategies and plans
  • evidence progress they can share with their own stakeholders
  • use their approach to win new business!
  • demonstrate the sustainable social value of the Capital Project of which they are a part

The Tool communicates to all contractors and suppliers that sustainability is not just about the environmental features of the building but also about how sustainability relates to their own business practices.

  • Bespoke content means it will align with any project specific priorities
  • Provides a clear demonstration of leadership in relation to supplier development and sustainability
  • Offers support through a single, online portal
  • Provides clear signposting to additional support your contractors or suppliers can access
  • Captures powerful data relating to the sustainability impacts, decisions and commitments of your contractors and suppliers
  • Creates a strong evidence base for ongoing supplier engagement or management
  • Gathers the collective impact of your Capital Project for you to communicate
  • Undertake a simple sustainability analysis of their business impacts
  • Create a bespoke action plan to help them become a more sustainable supplier in-line with the Capital Project aspirations
  • Be signposted to business-relevant information, events and activities that will support their sustainability journey
  • Demonstrate progress against their individual action plans
  • Utilise the action plan to communicate what they are actually doing rather than what they are committed to at a policy level
  • Prepare for contract management discussions on sustainability