Our action planning software drives engagement and impact.

Engages multiple stakeholders

Translates ambition into practical action

Demonstrates impact

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Translates ambition into practical action
Demonstrates impact

Struggling to engage stakeholders remotely? Small team responsible for engagement across a large or complex organisation?

Want to help teams or individuals understand their role in delivering organisational ambitions? Need to secure more senior buy-in for your engagement?

Struggling to demonstrate progress or impact? Want to deliver evidence-based engagement that drives continuous improvement?

For too long ‘engagement’ has meant events that are time consuming and provide limited long-term value. Our online platform was designed to help teams use their limited capacity to maximum effect.

Stakeholders can engage at times to suit them accessing the support and guidance they need remotely.

Every interaction provides evidence that improves future engagement and demonstrates impact.

Engagement rightly challenges everyone to ‘do their bit’ but we know those in key roles or with particular responsibilities can unlock the biggest impacts.

Providing a tailored action plan makes it easy for everyone to maximise their contribution. Activity is aligned with core ambitions with practical actions (and support) provided for different stakeholders.

High profile events and activities are great for raising awareness but demonstrating how interest translates into impact is more challenging.

Every interaction with the software provides intelligence that will improve future engagement. You can identify good practice and identify problem areas needing your support.

We help you:

  • Target key stakeholders to deliver your ambitions
  • Tailor actions that are meaningful, relevant, and targeted
  • Provide remote support to large numbers of stakeholders

We help you:

  • Engage meaningfully with key stakeholder groups
  • Provide a practical, tailored action plan aligned with organisational ambition
  • Provide support and guidance that meets the needs of different stakeholder groups

We help you:

  • Baseline engagement across your organisation
  • Provide targeted support for priority areas or stakeholder groups
  • Demonstrate progress and the collective impact of your engagement