Our innovative NETpositive software is the basis for a range of tools developed to help your stakeholders to engage practically with sustainability. From empowering staff to realise your organisational ambitions to developing your supply chains, we help your stakeholders to understand and support your sustainability journey. See below for examples of the projects we have worked on using our software and information on how the tool works.

Climate Emergency Departmental Action Planning Tool

Has your organisation made targets for net zero or climate action? Do your teams need help delivering these ambitions? Do you want to efficiently deliver at scale, with evidence
of your impact?

We can create a bespoke action planning tool to help you reach your climate goals.

The tool supports each university school and department to create their own Climate Emergency Action Plan. Teams use it to understand what it means, practically, to take Climate Action in their own context.

The Action Planning Tool provides:

  • A tailored materiality analysis of school or departmental activity and signposting to support and guidance
  • A practical approach to planning a departmental response that can be shared with stakeholders (including students)
  • An evidence base that supports deeper engagement and measurement of impact

In April 2019 The University of Bristol became the first UK University to declare a Climate Emergency and the first to use our Climate Action Planning Tool. Versions of this tool are also now in use at University of Cambridge, Loughborough University, University of Leicester and South Yorkshire Police.

Have a look at our information leaflet to find out more about this tool.

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Supplier Engagement Tool (HE) - Sustainable Supply Chains

Translates ambition into practical action

In 2016 a collaboration of NWUPC, NEUPC, SUPC, TUCO purchasing consortia and The University of Manchester, launched the Higher Education version of the tool. The tool has supported over 8,000 HE suppliers to engage with sustainability and the data from the system has been used to support supplier awards and corporate reporting commitments. We have 61 universities signed up as tool providers.

Amongst other things the tool also:

If you are a supplier and would like to find out more about how the tool works visit this page.

Newcastle University Business School - Embedding SDGs in the Curriculum

We are working with the Executive MBA (EMBA) team at the University of Newcastle’s triple accredited Business School to embed sustainability into their leadership programmes.

Our NETpositive software enables students to create a tailored action planning tool which supports them to explore and take action in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have developed this tool to:

  • Weave sustainability into the personal, professional, and academic development learner journeys taken by these students
  • Provide opportunities to link the development of Responsible Leadership skills with the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Provide an evidence base that will enable the team to demonstrate the impact of their cohort of learners in relation to the global goals
Demonstrates impact

Business Engagement Tool

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NETpositive Futures developed and delivered the GoGreen Business Engagement Tool for Low Carbon South West and Business West as part of Bristol’s year as Green Capital City (2015).

The GoGreen Business Engagement Tool enabled 400 Bristol businesses to create a sustainability action plan for their business, for free. The GoGreen team were able to access data and insights from business/tool interactions. Support and guidance within the Action Planning tool signposted to relevant local services.

NETpositive Futures champions an evidence-based approach to engagement with sustainability and its software provided a practical mechanism for Bristol businesses to commit to and demonstrate action during 2015.

This project has now moved into a new phase and we are working with the University of Bristol to pilot a project using the GoGreen approach as a starting point to demonstrate how the University of Bristol can:

  • Provide meaningful volunteering opportunities within Bristol businesses for its students
  • Support Bristol businesses to engage with sustainability to demonstrate climate action and impact
  • Provide an evidence-base to inform business engagement activity across the region

Social Value Action Planning for Police suppliers

In 2020 we launched a Social Value Action Planning Tool to the suppliers for 7 Police Forces. The content of the tool was developed to reflect commitments in the Police and Crime Plans, links to a raft of social value priorities and supports the delivery of the voluntary Modern Slavery commitments made by the 7 forces and PCCs. This version of the Tool has now been rolled out to all 43 UK Police Forces under the umbrella of BlueLight Commercial Services.

The tool will be used to:

  • Support the development of social value and social Justice considerations within the supply chain
  • Support transparency in the supply chain reporting against Modern Slavery Statements.
  • Provide a focus for contract management discussions on social value and sustainability

We will continue to support the BlueLight Commercial Services throughout the project, with technical and social value support.

Translates ambition into practical action