The NETpositive Supplier Engagement Software

in collaboration with the NWUPC, NEUPC, SUPC and TUCO purchasing consortia and The University of Manchester, this HE version of the tool was launched to the Higher Education sector in February 2016. The tool is designed to support and develop the supply chain, which is crucial to embedding sustainability in the procurement process.

The tool also includes content that specifically addresses the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act to help procurement professionals meet their disclosure obligation.

The NETpositive Software enables a Provider to have a way of offering their suppliers an opportunity to generate their own, bespoke Sustainability Action Plan. We work with Providers to ensure content is specific to their particular context.

The Provider Organisation is able to interrogate the data that is generated to understand not only how their stakeholder businesses are making progress in relation to sustainability but also to better understand their needs.

We have created a short walk-through of the HE version of the Tool below:

We work with a Provider to:

  • create content that is entirely fit for their context
  • plan a roll-out that engages as many stakeholders as possible
  • communicate the value of the tool to their stakeholders
  • ensure they can appropriately support their end users along the way
  • ensure they have access to data they can use for reporting
  • help them understand the importance of evidence-based engagement

An End User can:

  • create a log-in to access the tool created for them
  • use the tool content to auto generate a Sustainability Action plan for their business – for free!
  • use the plan to map their current activity and develop strategies and plans
  • evidence progress they can share with their own stakeholders
  • use their approach to win new business!
  • Bespoke content means it will align with your priorities
  • Provides a clear demonstration of leadership in relation to stakeholder engagement and sustainability
  • Coordinates the range of support you offer your business stakeholders through a single portal
  • Provides clear signposting to additional support your business stakeholders can access
  • Captures powerful data relating to the sustainability impacts, decisions and commitments of your business stakeholders
  • Creates a strong evidence base for ongoing stakeholder engagement
  • Gathers the collective impact of your stakeholder businesses for you to communicate

End users of the Tool can:

  • Undertake a simple sustainability analysis of their business impacts
  • Create a bespoke action plan to help them become a more sustainable business in-line with Provider Organisation aspirations
  • Be signposted to business-relevant information, events and activities that will support their sustainability journey
  • Demonstrate progress against their individual action plans
  • Utilise the action plan to communicate what they are actually doing rather than what they are committed to at a policy level.