Delivering Net Zero through the Supply Chain

Currently, across the HE Sector, supply chain emissions are calculated on a spend basis, meaning that the more that is spent on goods and services, the higher the carbon emissions.

Memorable Moments

It is 10 years since NETpositive Futures Ltd was established. Whilst it has been a joyful rollercoaster of trial and error, development and re-development and making new friends and taking on challenging projects, there was a life beforehand. Sheri-Leigh and I have brought a range of skills, experience and learning to our shared adventure. To […]

On our approach to engagement

Everything we do is to make it easy for individuals, teams, and organisations to navigate the complexities of sustainability and guide them towards practical, impactful actions. Engaging individuals, teams and organisations is at the core of our approach. But what does it really mean to ‘engage’ with sustainability? Well, for us, engagement is firstly about […]

On creating an evidence-base for engagement

What does ‘successful’ engagement with sustainability really look like? Is it numbers of people coming along to an event? Is it great feedback for some sustainability training? Is it successfully rolling out a new sustainability initiative? Does it matter who you are engaging with? Is it about all staff or key staff? Is it engaging […]

On being ‘accidental’ software developers

We are incredible proud of our software and the tools we create for our clients. We’ve been guiding teams and organisations through the complexities of sustainability and helping them take practical action for over 25 years. We’ve created leadership programmes for boards and senior teams. We’ve developed and delivered sustainability training on every continent. We’ve […]

Sustainability Sprints: a new podcast helping you ‘get there faster’ is coming soon.

This will be a podcast about sustainability progress, with tips, tricks and techniques to fast-track your thinking, jump start your journey or simply help you keep on trucking. Over the past couple of years I’ve been co-delivering responsible leadership modules with Dr Jenny Davidson, Climate Change Fellow at Newcastle University. We’ve been teaching sustainability as […]

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