EDI and accessibility commitments

At the core of NETpositive Futures’ sustainability mission lies engagement: we are dedicated to making our processes as inclusive as possible because we firmly believe that everyone should be involved in addressing sustainability challenges.

We are pro-active about building EDI into our approaches because it matters; it matters because of the links between sustainability and inequality and social injustice; it matters because diversity is crucial to problem-solving and creativity (and we have significant problems to solve), and it matters to the NETpositive Futures team and to our clients who are committed to demonstrating responsible leadership.

If you are interested in partnering with us to unite sustainability and EDI within your context, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Here's how we put our commitment into action:

Expert scrutiny

Collaborating with an EDI expert to ensure the inclusivity of our tools and services.

Leveraging the EDI expertise of our clients to enhance our initiatives.

Raising Awareness

Establishing explicit links within our tools that bridge sustainability efforts and EDI.

Using the insights gained from our tools to demonstrate our contribution to EDI activities.

Leadership and Visibility

Utilising our platform and networks to elevate the prominence of EDI in sustainability.

Sharing stories of our initiatives and their impact to inspire and engage our audience.

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