[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]NETpositive Futures and the Social Value Engine have joined forces to help an elite group of procurement leaders to explore practical ways to consider and measure social value. The Social Value Act (2012)1 has stimulated discussions about how sustainability is embedded and measured within procurement process and practice. Specifically, how it contributes tangible benefits to the wider community. ‘Social value’ tends to focus on the question ‘if £x is spent on delivering an activity, what is the value of that same £x in terms of wider social impact?’

Working in partnership provides us with opportunity to explore how social value can support sustainable procurement ambitions.

The group consists of:

We have developed this project to explore approaches and the potential benefit of using social value metrics, as we recognise that procurement teams might be interested in exploring social value but unsure exactly how to calculate it and how it might enhance their sustainable procurement activity.

The project aims to support procurement practice by:


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