During 2019 NETpositive Futures has been supporting the Yorkshire and Humberside Police Procurement Team to undertake a review of procurement policy, strategy, process and practice to ensure that sustainability and social value are comprehensively embedded.

This has included:

  • A review of procurement strategy and policy to ensure:
    • Sustainability and social value were embedded within the procurement strategy and policy to ensure clarity for internal and external customers as to the importance of these considerations as part of excellent procurement practice
    • Appropriate alignment with relevant internal and external strategies and priorities, including the Police and Crime Plans from across the region and the commitments of relevant local authorities, as well as the sustainability priorities within the region
    • A focus on the positive contribution procurement can make to the sustainability and social value agenda (community benefit, employment opportunities), rather than only looking at the reduction of environmental impacts
  • An update to procurement documentation to provide:
    • Evidence that sustainability and social value is embedded at the appropriate points in the procurement process, ranging from the Project Considerations Document at the start of the process through to Contract Management
    • Prompts that ensure sustainability is embedded consistently and included in guidance, which supports procurement professionals
    • Opportunities to derive the maximum sustainability impact or social value from each procurement by focusing on the material opportunities, delivered through a sustainability impact assessment tool
  • Sustainability/social value training and support to provide:
    • Awareness raising and capacity building for the procurement team and other key stakeholders
    • Opportunity to engage procurement staff and build confidence
    • Support and guidance tailored to meet the needs of different stakeholders (procurement staff, internal customers and suppliers)
  • Delivery of a sustainability supplier development programme to include:
    • The implementation of an online sustainability action planning tool for all contracted suppliers and all potential suppliers to the police within the region
    • Use of the tool as a mechanism for improved supplier management and sustainability impact reporting, by gathering the data from the action plans to identify how best to support existing and potential suppliers
    • Stimulation of sustainability activity in the supply chain and use of associated data to drive improvements and demonstrate impact, across the environmental, social and economic dimensions